Obama is still missing in foreign policy, but already denied in internal one???

inaugurationbadge2Obama’s recently presented plan of stimulating the American economy comprising taxes’ cuts and new spending programs encountered strong positions from both Democratic and Republican representatives within Congress. It means that so famous and vital measures promoted before by Barack Obama, aiming to help millions of Americans not to lose their jobs and the reviving of the declined economic home indicators, has real gaps or that the both parties can not accept specific provisions of them. This fact can bring big difficulties for further well performing of its mandate on behalf of President.



 In this context, Obama warned the Congress about the deep and grave consequences of the economic recovery plan passage’s postponement. The internal policy has comprehensive an direct extensions on the external one, meaning that any trouble to the home affairs agenda would be reflected badly on the activity of the new administration on the foreign „front”. That scenario is devouring con tries which count on the American political or financial assistance and supporting. In this light, substantial and significant programs in different fields such as those provided by Millennium Challenge Corporation (focused on fighting corruption and reducing the poverty, assuring tools for economic growing etc.) established in 2004 by the Bush’s Administration, could be simply closed because of unsuccessful internal reforms implemented by Obama’s team.

Despite of that, the foreign policy agenda that is heating with events from Middle East and retiring of US diplomacy towards Eastern Europe which faces an emergent aggressiveness and hard conciliating Russian policy. During the next 11 days officially elected president Barack Obama has to prepare and undertake beside his team viable and valuable actions in order to start in most efficient way his presidency.

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2 comentarii pe “Obama is still missing in foreign policy, but already denied in internal one???”

  1. Artur Says:

    Godd job Denis. I hope you will continue writing stories in English for the foreigners, including for those who are interested in Moldova, and east European policy. As about your subject, i recommend you a nice story about the science and environment changes witch are related to the election of Obama. You can read those stories, in the last edition of economist.com. If you want I may send you the audio files of those stories. Good luck with the inauguration storie!

  2. Denis Cenusa Says:

    Thank you Artur for the recommended links I will try to find time to take a look over them :), as I need more relevant info about new elected Obama. Hopefully, I persuaded myself to write in English about the thoughts and ideas coming up from Moldova. Now, my English commentaries are reflecting American issue of the greatest importance for all the world, including R. of Moldova. I hope all optimists and not only welcome the Obama’s Inauguration!!!

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