8 days until inauguration: Bush is telling about its legacy for Obama

Obama US MexicoToday, we could read or hear about the confessions of G. W. Bush at his last news conference made from White House, as 43’s American President. Journalists have written that this public appearence of Bush was very sentimental touching so painful and significant issues like terrorist attack, wars in Irak and Afganistan, climate disturbunces called „Katrina” and others.

Also, George Bush expressed his disappointment that during his presidency the peace in the Middle East was not brought, explaining that Israel has the rights to defence itself against Palestinians rocket attacks, and that easing the situation is possible only whether Hamas will stop to fire rockets. Talking about the damaged attitude on American policy abroad, Bush said that he disagree with this judgment, though allowing that this might be available for some foreign political elites. A very significant issue underlined by the President was that he was sending wrong and premature messages regarding the win in Iraq.
All these thinks showed only a part of the existing problems which should be faced and solved by Barack Obama during the next years. The most difficult problem to deal with is the economic crisis, and this task is already undertaken by Obama, who required help from Bush in asking from Congress the last part of the financial-rescue package to implement rapidly the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Nowadays, this action is crucial, because it is saving precious time and is giving the possibility for new elected President to have the Congress’s acceptance from the very beginning of the mandate. It is highly appreciable the openness and readiness of Obama to cooperate with G.W. Bush, irrespective of the fact that last one is guilty in some way for the present hard economic situation. This prove once again, that democracy must be dedicated for solving and promoting people interests, and not to catch up the power in favour of personal profits. I hope Obama’s example will be realistic, feasible and sustainable, in order to spread it all around the world.

Let’s expect that Obama’s mandate will shape totally the its electoral engagements. Otherwise the world would face really the most”black” days ever seen.

More articles on this issue could be find on http://connect.state.gov/profile/denischenusha

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