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Today’s Inauguration: Beginning of Obama’s era and its strange connection with Gaza and Russian gas crisis

ianuarie 20, 2009

newtile2Barack Obama will start its effective presidency today and longtime Bush’s administration will end forever. The importance of this event is significant for each American and generally for the US. past, present and future. The entering of Obama is not a simple change of political power in the US, but mostly a significant sign and step for the American nation reshipment begun by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King personalities. If we cross closely the American history we will understand the high importance of ongoing inauguration for all Afro-Americans, Latino and even „white” people form the US. Of course, it must not become a kind of revenge against „wight Americans” for the painful and discriminatory past. Instead of such thoughts and threatens amongst Americans, the happiest fact of Obama’s inauguration could be appraised as grand „U” turn of the US not only regarding internal and homeless policy and spirit of social, political interrelations etc., and maybe international system order concerning the possible full entering of African countries and Africa at all in international relations „games” and lessening of the Soviet style of thinking imprinted on the American behavior in relations with other actors of international community. (mai mult…)


3 days until inauguration: Terrorism is still threat number one for US security

ianuarie 17, 2009

inaugurationbadge4On 15 January, Barack Obama answered strongly to the newly appeared video of the Al-Quaeda’s leader, Osama bin Laden with ugly assertions on military actions of Israel in Gaza Strip. Top world terrorist urged the whole Arabs to punish Tel-Aviv and others capitals that are supporting them in this. Of course, he had referred to US. which took a neutral and expectancy stance in relation with Israel’s army behavior in Gaza. The new elected American President had addressed immediately a message to this” terrorist calling”, that reveal the readiness and full engagement of the new Administration to fight against „Nr 1” peril to US. safety and security. This issue has a huge importance for Washington, looking at the aftermath of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack, that started the World campaign against this source of evil, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. (mai mult…)

8 days until inauguration: Bush is telling about its legacy for Obama

ianuarie 12, 2009

Obama US MexicoToday, we could read or hear about the confessions of G. W. Bush at his last news conference made from White House, as 43’s American President. Journalists have written that this public appearence of Bush was very sentimental touching so painful and significant issues like terrorist attack, wars in Irak and Afganistan, climate disturbunces called „Katrina” and others.

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Obama is still missing in foreign policy, but already denied in internal one???

ianuarie 10, 2009

inaugurationbadge2Obama’s recently presented plan of stimulating the American economy comprising taxes’ cuts and new spending programs encountered strong positions from both Democratic and Republican representatives within Congress. It means that so famous and vital measures promoted before by Barack Obama, aiming to help millions of Americans not to lose their jobs and the reviving of the declined economic home indicators, has real gaps or that the both parties can not accept specific provisions of them. This fact can bring big difficulties for further well performing of its mandate on behalf of President.



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