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Moldova forced to combine CIS and Eurasian Union with European integration

Aprilie 17, 2017

Moldova’s foreign policy oscillates without pauses following President Igor Dodon’s initiatives aimed at pushing the country to the East. The geopolitical schism becomes a more conspicuous daily reality whose consequences are powerfully underestimated. The geopolitical ramifications generated by President Dodon and the Socialist opposition are exploited by the government coordinated by Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc. Recent polls show yet that the geopolitical cleavages no longer offer the public support needed by the Democrats and Liberals to pass the election threshold of 6% in the 2018 legislative elections.

The President’s Eurasian inclinations (IPN, March 2017) do not affect the government’s dialogue with the European Union. The intense negotiation of the new association agenda for 2017-2019 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 2017), which redefines the objectives for the implementation of the provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union, is a clear indication. This shows that the relations with Brussels depend, first of all, on the quality of reforms implemented by the government, not on the geopolitical rhetoric of President Dodon. However, the President’s attempts to bifurcate the country’s foreign policy imply considerable risks to the country’s development in the medium and long terms. Among these is the discouragement of reforms and public servants involved in their implementation, disorientation of the potential investors and the more accentuated polarization of society according to geopolitical principles. (mai mult…)

Association Agreement with EU and paradoxes of President Dodon

Martie 4, 2017

The results of President Igor Dodon’s visit to Brussels (February 6-7, 2017) are rather modest in terms of statements and reactions with substance on the part of European officials. The Europeans showed themselves to be rather reserved in relation to the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. Not even after several days of the visit did the European institutions – European Council, European Commission, European External Action Service or the European Parliament – publish press releases dedicated to Igor Dodon on their websites.

Lacking emotional content, the meetings of Igor Dodon with European officials showed the latter’s real attitude to the President of Moldova. On the one hand, the Europeans are aware of the real weight of Igor Dodon in the decision-making process in Chisinau, where he has limited powers. On the other hand, the EU gave Igor Dodon a reciprocity-based welcome as it is practically impossible for Brussels to welcome him warmly after he made hostile statements about the EU in his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in January 2017. In general, Brussels is used to being criticized, but rejects the criticism that goes against the reality, especially the one that derives from the anti-European Russian propaganda.
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