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Populism and European integration in Moldova

martie 15, 2017

The incapacity, on the one hand, and the disinterest, on the other hand, shown by the political class of Moldova in solving the real problems of the country varied during 2009-2016. Populism every time served yet as a “lifebuoy” for crisis situations in which the corrupt, ostensibly pro-European governments found themselves.

What characterizes the Moldovan populism, similar to the populism in Europe, Russia or other regions, is the accusing of the foreign players of the failures and non-accomplishments at home. The interest in the disfavored social categories represents a complementary feature typical of populism. The care for the whole society is replaced by a struggle for the cause of vulnerable groups. This no way refers yet to the minorities used by populists rather as “scapegoats”.

Now that the presidency was taken over by Socialist Igor Dodon, the populism of the pro-European forces is complemented by that of the pro-Russian opposition. The latter one is more sophisticated and, in parts, more harmful than the populism of the pro-European forces. (mai mult…)

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