The 2019 Publications (50 items)

If you follow the Moldovan politics, the EU-Moldova relations or the political affairs of the countries „in between” Russia and EU, the following publications could be of interest to you. All these materials were produced between January and December 2019. Several articles and reports drafted in the same interval are going to be published in the beginning of 2020.

50 Publications of 2019:

A. Reports for Expert-Group Think Tank:

  1. State of the Country Report 2019, Chapter on Governance, November 2019,
  2. The Ungheni-Chișinău Gas Pipeline: Outlook for Before and After 2020, June 2019,
  3. War by Other Means: Kremlin’s Energy Policy as a Channel of Influence, A comparative assessment and case studies from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Romania and Hungary, (co-author), April 2019, 

B. Other reports and papers:

1. EU policy on strengthening resilience in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia: Between the rule of law and oligarchic influence, CEPS, May 2019,

2. Elections 2018 in Moldova: New Challenges and New Opportunities for Cooperation within Ukraine-Moldova-Romania Triangle, PRISM, (co-authored) January 21, 2019,

C. Online Journals:

  1. A “blitzkrieg” against the rule-of-law aspiring government, November 27, 2019,
  2. The downfall of a captured state, November 13, 2019,

D. Collaborations with the European research institutions:

  1. Geopolitical honeymoon in Moldova’s foreign policy: how sustainable is it?, Austrian Institute for Security Policy, July 14, 2019,
  2. Elections in Moldova: A ‘Window of Opportunity’ for Transnistria – and Russia, Analysis (author), Italian Institute for International Political Studies, February 6, 2019, 

E. Articles for IPN News Agency:

  1. Romania-Moldova dialogue: from “calm tone” to the conditionality regime, December 16, 2019,
  2. Traumatized European perspective in EU’s vicinity and the Moldovan echoes, December 2, 2019,
  3. EU-Moldova dialogue: Is there European integration after Maia Sandu’s government?, November 18, 2019,
  4. Enlargements „in between” the EU and the Eurasian Union: Serbia and Moldova as showcase, November 15, 2019,
  5. EU macro-financial aid for Moldova: objective rewarding or political stimulation?, October 22, 2019,
  6. Russia, the EU and the restoring geopolitical coexistence along the Kiev-Chisinau-Tbilisi line, Info-Prim News Agency, 7 October 2019,
  7. Moldova’s government of reform and the European „credit of trust”, September 23, 2019,
  8. Moldova’s „balanced” foreign policy, the Paris-Moscow axis and the Ukrainian dossier, September 9, 2019,
  9. The potential of the diaspora after 28 years of Moldova’s independence: from political actor to „uncorrupted talents”, August 26, 2019,
  10. Moldova’s fragile government and the European agenda by 2020, August 12, 2019,
  11. Unlocking European Assistance for Moldova: with or without conditionality?, July 29, 2019,
  12. Revival of the Moldova-EU relationship and the logic of alliances with the (pro-) European neighbors, July 15, 2019,
  13. „Anti-oligarchic spring” or temporary illusions in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, July 1, 2019,
  14. Surrendering oligarchic regime, re-launching of European integration in Moldova and Russia’s agenda, June 17, 2019,
  15. Moldova’s political crisis: Overcoming the geopolitical complex and the „captured state”, June 9, 2019,
  16. Political speeds in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia: in search of a “virtuous circle, May 28, 2019,
  17. Intersection of geopolitical symbols in Moldova: between Soviet past and rights of sexual minorities, May 13, 2019,
  18. Visa liberalization in Moldova after five years: weaknesses of good governance and comparisons to Ukraine and Georgia, April 30, 2019,
  19. Post-electoral Moldova: between Russia’s warnings, absence of EU and snap elections, 15 April 15, 2019,
  20. (Geo)political behavior of Presidents of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine: between fluctuating perceptions and realities, April 1, 2019,
  21. Formation of post-electoral coalition in Moldova and Moscow’s benefits, March 18, 2019,
  22. The place of the opposition in the post-electoral balance of power in Moldova, March 4, 2019,
  23. Pro-EU reluctance versus Euroscepticism in the rhetoric of Moldova’s elections, Info-Prim News Agency, 23 February 2019,
  24. Diaspora’s power in the Moldovan Elections – Between Perceptions and Realities, February 11, 2019,
  25. Adaptability of Russian factor in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in European integration context, January 28, 2019,
  26. Attitudes of citizens of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia towards EU and paradoxes of polls, January 15, 2019,
  27. Ten forecasts for 2019: Reconfiguration of European agenda in Moldova and the rule of law crisis in EU, January 2, 2019,

F. 3DCFTAs’ project analytics:

1. Profiling the new Socialist-anchored government in Moldova,

November 27, 2019,

2. Moldova’s return to a pro-Russian government, November 18, 2019,

3. Unblocking Reforms in Moldova: Constraints and Hazards, CEPS, October 17, 2019,

4. Russia’s Pragmatic Game in a Friendlier Moldova, CEPS, September 1, 2019,

5. Surrender of the oligarchic regime, re-launching of European integration in Moldova and Russia’s agenda, June 19, 2019,

6. Moldova’s political crisis: Overcoming the geopolitical puzzle and the „captured state”, April 13, 2019,

7. Three dimensions of risk to visa liberalization in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, April 5, 2019,

8. The Russian Factor in Moldova’s Energy Insecurity, CEPS, May 2, 2019,

9. Moldova: The Struggles to Build a Post-electoral Coalition, CEPS, March 12, 2019,

10. Moldovan Elections: Still between State Capture vs. Russian Influence, CEPS, February 28, 2019,

G. Articles for Institute for the Prevention of Hybrid Threats:

1. Kozak (in)congruences through the prism of the “Moldovan case”, December 11, 2019,

2. Russia’s whitewashing – comparisons between MH17 flight and Russian peacekeepers in Moldova, November 16, 2019,

3. International recognition of Moldova’s neutrality – lessons to be learned from Austria and Ukraine, October 17, 2019,

4. Elimination of Russian armament from the Transnistrian region: who, what and until when?, September 29, 2019,


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  1. […] regional and international media are not included. So, 2020 was a more prolific year compared to 2019. See the complete list […]

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