President Sandu’s trip to Kyiv: Two memorandums; no mentioning of the Transnistrian conflict

The Presidents of Moldova and Ukraine, Maia Sandu and Volodymyr Zelensky, signed two memoranda during her first trip abroad to Kyiv on 11 January 2021.

The first memorandum deals with bilateral strategic cooperation and the synchronization of steps at the regional level.

1) In this regard, Sandu wants Moldova to join Ukraine’s bid to join the „3 Seas” initiative.

2) Sandu has insisted on mentioning in the memorandum an internal political dimension by suggesting that his victory in the elections “confirmed the European choice” of the country, along with the fight against corruption.

3) Sandu and Zelensky agreed to jointly strive to achieve EU membership, including through the implementation of the Association Agreements. They highlighted the individual dialogue between Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine with the EU, in addition to the Eastern Partnership.

4. Sectoral cooperation (transport, environment, energy, humanitarian, etc.) is also specified. The document does not directly invoke the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.

5) Furthermore, as part of the first memorandum, Sandu and Zelensky established a new coordination mechanism at the level of the presidential offices: the “Presidential Council”.

6) The second memorandum is more technical and refers exclusively to transit infrastructure, road transport and regional cooperation. There are two more meetings scheduled for the current visit to Kyiv: with Rada’s Chairman Razumkov and Prime Minister Shmygal.

More about the visit Sandu’s visit to Kyiv read here

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